Gantiel Vensott Engineering Plastic Solutions Pty Ltd offers our customers a complete service when fabricating and manufacturing plastic guarding.

We stock a full range of thermoplastic products in rod, sheet and tube including but not limited to Nylon, Acetal, PTFE (PTFE), Polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE/HMWPE/UHMWPE), PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyester, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone rubber.

Along with our diverse range of plastic products we also offer our customers engineering plastic services such as machining, turning, milling, drilling, CNC routing, gear cutting, lazer cutting, water jet cutting, bending, fabricating, tarot press stamping, vacuum forming, injection molding and associated services.


The Thermoplastic material in our range (Nylon, Acetal, PTFE (PTFE), Polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE/HMWPE/UHMWPE), PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone rubber products) are designed to handle harsh applications. Some can handle as low as -260deg, others can go up as high as +500deg. The range of products available ensures we have a suitable material for your application.