PVC isph1345011402 used for blocks, connectors, manifolds, connectors, nozzles, elbows, chemical resistant spouts, clamping mechanisms, tanks, vessels, chemical bunds, enclosures, fume cabinets, chemical ducting, splash covers, chemical valve bodies, chemical trays and many other applications.



Nycast 6PA MP cushion pads protect the hammer from metal-to-metal damage in pile drivers and provide many performance advantages in certain gear, die block, valve seat and other

This formulation also provides superior performance in extreme cold temperature applications, where standard grades are prone to impact failure.


Venlon 6GoF

Yet another great application for US made Oil Filled Cast Nylon – Venlon 6Gof from Gantiel Ven12so3tt.

Venlon 6Gof replacing old, worn out Polyurethane decomposing cogs in a Rack & Pinion assembly for the large weight capacity turn tables. Venlon 6Gof offering – superior load bearing capacity, self lubrication, noise reduction, resilience on an initial start up, higher dimensional stability, impact strength, corrosion resistance and much more.

Parts are fully drawn and machined at Gantiel Vensott engineering CNC production facility using, US based Cast Nylons Limited oil filled cast nylon, from the full range Gantiel Vensott carry off the shelf in Australia.

Venlon 6GN

Use of “Venlon 6GN” for the application of J-bars in a processing Conveyors at timber plants had proven to be successful.

Using monomer cast Nylon from Cast Nylons Limited (US) with local engineering of the parts and a full CNC machining by Gantiel, brings following benefits:


  1. Very high impact resistance.
  2. J-bars bend out of the way in a “clog up” situation, then resiliently come back in to (near original) state to continue operating.
  3. High mechanical strength.
  4. Very lite weight, nearly 6 times liter than the steel option, currently used.
  5. Non corrosive, non rusting on external application.
  6. Energy efficient on the motors and energy consumption, due to lite weight.
  7. Heavily reduced maintenance cost.
  8. Easy to replace. Almost no down time.

Venboard 3B

Venboard 3B (Black HDPE) has been successfully tested and now used in a transport industry for a grab handle application.



Fully CNC machined out of solid compression moulded HDPE sheet, the new grab handles designed for all weather applications. Benefits include: low fatiguing (not susceptible to stress cracking), water repellent, chemically inert, easy to clean, light weight, non rattling, low cost, high impact strength. This handle can be adopted to a  multitude of different surfaces. Being fully machined in house by our own production facility, Gantiel can assist in designing handles or any other part to suit special purpose use application.

Venlon 6GB

Well proven application for Venlon 6Gb (Monomer Cast Nylon with MoS2 internal lubricant), used in a forklift cable pulleys. High impact and fatigue resistance, coupled with 4high load capacity and long life in an external applications, make Ven5lon 6Gb a very cost effective yet versatile material to be used. It could be used as cable pulley or in any other generic
roller applications, within a forklift and other material handling applications industry.
Such pulleys could be used directly on the metal shaft, being self lubricated, or in conjunction with a bearings, if application calls for it. Kind on the cable, as well as, long lasting on the shaft, makes Venlon 6Gb a great substitute for traditional materials.

Venboard 3B

Venboard 3B (HDPE) blocks used as an anti-rattling packers in the automotive industry. Specifically for the support function within under tray assembly in medium to large vehicle. Light weight, cost effective, non corrosive and easily installed option to steel.2 1