Glazeguard GP is a premium quality Polycarbonate tube, sheet or rod that is an engineering see-through material. Tough and easy to handle, it can be fabricated to almost any shape. Unique for its impact resistance and shock-load resistance.

Shapes Available
Sheet, Rod, Tube

Glazeguard GP sheet has a polished surface and is UV stabilised to an extent for use in glazing and industrial applications. Glazeguard GP sheet offers extreme impact strength and combines temperature resistance in a wide range (-100 to +120 degrees Celsius) with high optical clarity and good fire behavior.

Glazeguard GP is an excellent product for safety and security applications. Used extensively in glazing for protection against both accidental breakage and deliberate vandalism. In manufacturing environments, this high impact material excels in applications like machine guards, noise-abatement shields, workstations partitions, freight doors and other in-plant glazing.