ph1275870725Venboard 1

Low Density Polyethylene
Natural White



ph1275870803Venboard 3

High Density Polyethylene
Natural / Black / Yellow



ph1275870824Venboard 3 – Marine

High Density Polyethylene Recycled
Black (embossed both sides)



ph1275870857Venboard 5

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
White / Red / Blue / Yellow / Green / Brown
Molecular weight +/- 500,000 g/mol



ph1275870884Venslide 7N

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Natural (white)



ph1423702171Venslide Antispark

Venslide Antispark, black UHMWPE of a very high quality base resin, is renown for its unique properties of excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance. Inorganic fillers make this product widely used externally with superior UV resistance.




ph1367991940Venslide 7G

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Green, with inorganic fillers





ph1374122046Venslide – 9GF

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Ceramic glass Impregnated
Molecular weight +9 million g/mol
Olive Green
(with inorganic abrasion resistant fillers)


ph1367991470Venslide 7B

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Black.
With inorganic fillers for UV resistance and static charge release.



ph1374718417Venslide Chain Tensioning System

Ensure regulated machine operation with Venslide tensioning system


ph1374724698Venslide Conveying Profiles

Purpose manufactured specialty guides and wear strips with long lasting, self-lubricating and high abrasion resistant properties. Help reduce wear on chain, to protect them from excessive wear, which helps maintain the more expensive and integral part of your conveyor systems.