Available in colours on demand.

Shapes Available
Sheet, Rod, Tube and custom molding. Strip and relag for wheels and rollers.

To the Chemist: They are polymeric materials containing urethane groups produced by the reaction of a polyol with an isocyanate.
To the Engineer: They are materials offering a number of unique properties which enable products to be manufactured to meet a range of demanding applications.
To the Accountant: They are materials which can be processed with low energy consumption and relatively low capital outlay for machinery to yield products which show cost saving through improved performance.
Polyurethanes are available in a wide range of hardness, from 10 Shore A, which is softer than an eraser, to over 85 Shore D which is much is much harder than a golf ball.
Their Abrasion Resistance properties in some compounds offer outstanding durability and exhibit greater load-bearing capacity than conventional elastomers of equal hardness. At low hardness all elastomeric materials, including Polyurethane elastomers will flex under impact. As conventional elastomers are compounded up to higher hardness they tend to lose elasticity and crack under impact. On the other hand Polyurethane elastomers when at their highest hardness levels have significantly better impact resistance than almost all plastics.

Polyurethanes can be utilized in several applications such as Automotive (grommets, bearings, bushes, flexible couplings), Building and Construction (moulds for concrete, gate seals, concrete pump parts, waterproofing), Electrical (encapsulation, insulation, potting, cable joining), Engineered Components (gears, sprockets, wire guides, rail draft gear, stripper plates, press brake pads, textile yarn guides, cutting boards, business machine belts, couplings), Food (chute lining, grain buckets), Mining (bucket liners, conveyor rollers, scraper blades, floatation cell impellers, pump linings, grading screens, lined pipes, cross-over pads), Oil, Chemical and Marine (Bushings, bearings, hydrocyclones, buoys, pipeline pigs and scrapers, fenders, valve seats), Rollers (board rollers, nip rollers, metal forming, printing, conveyor, can coating, paper mill), Seals and Gaskets (pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms).