Some products offer outstanding temperature resistance and tensile strength, others provide non-stick surfaces or specialize in heat-sealing applications. Generally PTFE Fabrics can be formed, joint and constructed to adapt and suit a variety of applications and installation requirements.

Shapes Available
Reference technical data sheets for available stock sizes

Benefits and Applications include:
Non-stick surfaces
Chemically inert
High tensile strength
Release sheets for cooking and baking applications
Gaskets, seals and bearings for chemicals, oils and gases
Thermal insulations
Covers for hot plates, platens, chutes, hoppers, troughs and rolls
Food packaging
Filtration and strainers

PTFE Fabrics can be utilized in various applications where minimum outgassing, good abrasion resistance and high tensile and dimensional strength are needed. Specialized heat sealing and non-stick applications are ideal. Used in the Packaging industry as release sheets, and aid in the manufacture of plastic bags. Filtration, strainers, pollutions abatement application are also met, and conveyor belts in fan drying and curing processes for many industries. High speed packaging belts and flexing applications can also be improved.