Gantiel Vensott’s culture is all about service. In this instance we are offering specific industry services which will bring a large number of benefits to our clients. We have our own in-house value adding services, as well as a very strong network of world class contractors and machinists whose vast range of capabilities and experience will allow us to convert an extensive range of plastic shapes into a finished product made to your specifications and best suited to your end application. We offer the following services:
* Machining
* Fabrication
* Technical Support
* Installation
* Material Selection
* Drawings
* On-site measurement
* Standard stock supply



Adding to our machining services we offer a conversion of our sheeting and tubing into a specially fabricated item in clear and safety-yellow material – making such things as guarding, covers, enclosures, point-of-sale presentation items, processing shoots, cones, hoppers, chemical bins, tanks and storage vessels etc. Most of these are constructed via the following methods:
* Cold bending
* Hot bending
* Moulding
* Welding
* Vacuum forming




To complement our products and services we have taken extra steps to deliver an additional service of on-site measure and installation to our valued clients. This service includes the following:
* Precise measurement
* Advice & recommendation
* Solution alternatives
* Material type, grade, aesthetic alternatives
* Drawing designs and preliminary sketches
* Hardware and tool supply




Gantiel Vensott offers a large range of machining facilities. They include the following:
* Turning
* Milling
* Drilling
* Routing / CNC
* Gear / Laser / Water-jet cutting
* Profiling
* Stamping / Punching
* Vacuum forming



ph1275872861Technical Support

Any technically minded and involved business cannot provide a complete range of services without a solid technical support backup.
Gantiel Vensott have a complete range of Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for all of our materials. These data sheets cover:
* Mechanical properties
* Thermal properties
* Electrical properties
* Applications
* Benefits
* Sizes and Stock available

Also available is a chemical resistance data listing for most tested polymeric materials. We offer assistance in material selection, as well as providing CAD drawings in order to assist clients with information retention and history. Our ability to provide our clients with drawings also helps to minimise mistakes in the manufacturing process and improve quality monitoring.