Venslide 7G, green UHMWPE of a very high quality base resin, is renown for its unique properties of excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance. Widely used for abrasion resistant and conveying application makes this material a popular choice for rollers, under chain guides, chutes hoppers and bin liners, wear strips and many flow promoting/non stick applications. Some presence of post industrial reused/repro material resin makes it more cost effective and better in environmental sense, without any significant sacrifice of properties.

Shapes Available
Sheet, Rod

This grade of polyethylene exhibits good combination of stiffness, toughness, mechanical damping ability with wear and abrasion resistance and can easily be filler welded.

Venslide 7G Rod is ideally suited for the manufacture of bushings, rollers and conveyor parts, such as transfer rollers and sprockets. When in sheet form, it is best suited for wear applications especially in contact with metals and other media. It is commonly used in industrial applications such as chute linings, chain guides, flow promoting panelling, impact blocks and other.