Venslide 9GF, lime green UHMWPE of a very high quality base resin, is renown for its unique properties of excellent strength and abrasion resistance. Small amount of fillers makes this unique grade of UHMWPE widely used in applications where a lot of abrasion and wear is present. Inorganic fillers make this product widely used in a high abrasion and wear traffic industrial applications.

Shapes Available

This grade of polyethylene exhibits good combination of stiffness, toughness, mechanical damping ability with wear and abrasion resistance and can be filler welded for lining applications. Can be used in high abrasion and stick resistant liners.

Venslide 9GF is ideally suited for the manufacture of high wear conveyor parts, such as ware plates and platforms. When in sheet form, it is best suited for wear applications especially in contact with high abrasion media. It is commonly used in industrial applications such as chute linings, automation and other machine parts and heavy traffic wear strips. Widely used in suction boxes, dewatering elements, paper industries, profiles, foils, doctor blades and skimming strips.