Venslide Antispark is designated to avoid the formation of electrostatic charging. According to the evaluation of the electrostatic charging as per IEC 60079-0 and EN 13463-1 resp. the material can be safely used for all explosion groups (I, IIA, IIB, and IIC) for its intended application in explosive areas in all zones, provided that a secure grounding of all goods out of this material is made.

Shapes Available

This grade of polyethylene exhibits good combination of stiffness, toughness, mechanical damping ability with wear and abrasion resistance. It is premium grade UHMWPE, designed for specialty use where formation of static charge must be avoided.

Electrical Engineering, Transportation and conveyor technology (highly wear-resistant chain and belt guides, sprockets), Machine construction (highly wear-resistant slide bars and wear strips, slide bearings), Lining and bulk material handling, food and drink filling equipment (sliding guides, sets of tools)